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Kishor a monthly magazine addressed to teenagers is published by the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research. It is in its Forty eight year of publication. Forty seven years is a long period in the life of a periodical, especially when it is meant for children.

The Bureau always felt the need of providing a good supplementary reading material along with the textbooks it produced for primary and secondary school children.

Over the last 48 years, the magazine has played a major role in informal education for pupils all over Maharashtra and elsewhere, where Marathi is spoken.

A trial issue of Kishor was brought out in November 1971 to synchronise with the birth anniversary of Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, popularly known as 'Baldin. Since then Kishor was regularly published from January 1972 with a print order of around 10,000 copies. Thereafter, the sales steadily rose till that reached to the tune of 74,000 copies for monthly issues and 1,00,000 copies for Diwali Number.

One of the cardinal principles of Kishor's editorial policy, as laid down at the time of inception, is that it should help its young readers to develop a rational and scientific outlook towards life. In pursuance of this policy, a certain number of pages are allotted every month to articles and features on science, technology, global geography, social history, sports and like subjects. These articles are written in lucid language, avoiding too many technical terms or being merely informative to keep the children abreast of the latest development in the various fields around them.

The editorial wing of the magazine spares no effort to make the magazine a literary fare. Well illustrated with multicolour page layouts roping in illustrations writers who usually do not write for children. Apart from contributions by acclaimed children's writers to make the magazine worth reading. Every Marathi writer worth his salt has contributed for Kishor. Many of them have been regular contributors.

Noted writers in Marathi Laxmanshastri Joshi, P.L.Deshpande, V.V. Shirwadkar, Madhukar Ashtikar, Indira Sant, Shanta Shelke, Vinda Karandikar Gulzar, the list is unending, are some of them. In the same manner we have artists, cartoonists and experts from different fields, contributing to Kishor.

A few pages in every issue are reserved for young contributors. As such, school children as aspiring writers have an opportunity to publish their works in Kishor.

Since its inception, Kishor has developed a unique relationship between the authors, artists and readers and has been serving the cause of children's literature in Marathi. In this arena kishor is a household name in and outside the State of Maharashtra.

At present, Kishor has a circulation of 74,000 copies per month. The annual Subscription of Kishor is Rs. 80/- (including Diwali issue) and price of a single issue is Rs. 7/-.

Kishor is printed in A-4 size on cream wove paper 60 GSM and cover on Art paper (52 pages in each monthly issue including the cover.) The magazine is in four colours and printed by offset printing process.

Shri.Kendre Kiran Shyamrao is the Executive Editor of Kishor magazine . he is assisted by the Assistant Executive Editor for Kishor's editing and circulation part of the magazine is looked after by the Circulation Manager.

Phone No: 020-25716107/144/244
Mobile No: 9423005089